[Clam-devel] Re: Clam-devel Digest, Vol 19, Issue 11

JunJun wangjun at dsp.ac.cn
Sat Jun 7 07:27:42 PDT 2008

> As i said before, because mingw performs so bad, we are to split the libraries 
> into smaller ones. The critical step seems to be linking and the smaller the 
> libraries the less memory to compile. I was thinking about spliting 
> libclam_processing which is the one that nearly halts my linux when 
> crosscompiling for windows but the rest runs barely well. I was asking you 
> whether spliting some other lib or application should be needed in your case?
> libclam_audio could be another candidate to be splited in audiofile, audioio, 
> and midi).

no, I don't think the other lib/application badly need to be splitted. Just focus on the devil 
named libclam_ processing
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