[Clam-devel] Copy & Paste processings on canvas patch

David García Garzón dgarcia at iua.upf.edu
Wed Jun 11 14:03:07 PDT 2008

About the position/size question. If we have a solution let's implement it. 
But if not, meanwhile, to have the cut&paste working properly without 
breaking the format we could just use the positions when cutting or pasting 
and ignore or set them empty on loading and storing.

Related to the patch but unrelated to the discussion. I did some enhancements 
on the qaction handling. Mainly i used the canvas member actions you added as 
the actions in the context menu. (Not with the remove action which have 
different semantics with the context menu one, by now). This way we are 
getting the shortcuts whenever we see the menu. I also enabled the 
translation of menu options text by using tr("text"), changed the 'Copy 
Processing(s)' and so on to a bare standard 'Copy' and added some icons from 
kde 3.5 standard set.

By having persistent actions, in the future, but not an urgent need, the 
MainWindow could ask the canvas for actions to insert at the edit menu and 
the canvas could enable or disable them according to the selection or the 
clipboard. :-)


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