[Clam-devel] Re: Some steps to take on your own

JunJun wangjun at dsp.ac.cn
Thu Jun 12 05:56:35 PDT 2008

The testfarm in RED, and how is it now?
About the new UnsizedSegmentation test, I think we should add a list of test cases
just like DiscontinuousSeg/ContiguousSeg, rather than only add a testStoreOn.
I wonder how did you do the test case study for DiscontinuousSeg/ContiguousSeg?

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Commit #11477.

BTW, you implemented the storage in UnsizedSegmentation but no test. I know 
that there is no test for such a class, but now that we are on the matter, 
let's add such one. Indeed a new TestFixture, so you will get that insight. 
Implement an empty StoreOn on UnsizedSeg to make the test fail and then 
remove it as you have it now to get the base implementation and turn it 
green. Making the test fail is the way to test the test.

I am preparing a set of steps for the LoadFrom. A little more complex.


El Wednesday 11 June 2008 15:36:08 JunJun va escriure:
> ** Remove the remaining implementation in Contiguous, all test passing,
> commit
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> From: "JunJun" <wangjun at dsp.ac.cn>
> To: "David García Garzón" <dgarcia at iua.upf.edu>
> Cc: <clam-devel at llistes.projectes.lafarga.org>
> Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 9:31 PM
> Subject: Re: Some steps to take on your own
> >> Proceed the same way with the ContiguousSegmentation
> >>
> >> * Proceed with the same steps and patch points than
> >> ContiguousSegmentation
> >>
> >>> ** Make the test red
> >>
> >> ** Greenify
> >> ** Refactor
> >> * You may have also bugs in there, send me a mail if so.
> >
> > There is no bug, except that odd-even problem which should not be
> > condisered as a bug.
> >
> >> * After that you should have the same content on both classes, as we
> >> rely on the virtual function FillArray, so we'll do a refactoring in two
> >> steps: ** Choose one implementation (ie. Discontinuous) and move it to
> >> the base class, (no StoreOn in Discontinuous now). all test passing,
> >> commit
> >
> > Here is the patch where no StoreOn in Discontiuous and all test passing.
> >
> > June

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