[Clam-devel] Re: Patch for Steps of LoadFrom

JunJun wangjun at dsp.ac.cn
Sun Jun 15 19:36:01 PDT 2008

Patch of LoadFromStep4:
add DiscontinuousSegmentation::addArray(marks, marks+nMarks); and pass test
  Patch of LoadFromStep3:
  to test whether ContiguousSegmentation s(200,marks,marks+nMarks);
   is equivalent to 
  ContiguousSegmetation s(200); s.addArray(marks, marks+nMarks);
  Not only in testStoreOn() but also in other related tests.
    Patch of LoadFromStep2:
    to test whether ContiguousSegmentation s(200,marks,marks+nMarks); is equivalent to 
    ContiguousSegmetation s(200); s.addArray(marks, marks+nMarks);

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      > Take just ContiguousSgmentation:
      > We would like to have a virtual function that receives the array. But current 
      > implementation does not receive a CLAM::Array but it is templated as 
      > iterators which is very convenient for other uses (tests). But template and 
      > virtual are incompatible, the first refactoring would be to turn the template 
      > constructor into a constructor receiving just TData* which i think is 
      > compatible with any current use. Just in case, compile, both the annotator 
      > and the tests and pass the tests.
      > Once we turned the constructor into a templateless one, lets do an 'Extract 
      > method' refactoring from the constructor for the data filling part. So, for 
      > each Segmentation add the following method:
      > void takeArray(TData * begin, TData * iterator end)
      > {
      >  // copy here the filling code from the constructor
      > }
      > Then substitute the copied code at the constructor by a call to such method.
      > All the test should be working.

      The patch is of the step above.
      Notice that to make the test pass, I made a forced type change (Iterator->TData), and changed the related type (double->float) of the unittests. That is ugly and requires the "Iterator" datatype must be consistent with "TData".

      > No proceed the same with the rest of the Segmentations sending patches at the 
      > same points.
      > Create a virtual method takeArray on base Segmentation. Should still compile.
      > On SegmentationPane, intead of using the three parameters constructor use the 
      > one parameter one and let's call the takeArray method after the switch. All 
      > the segmentations should still work so try them at Annotator as we did some 
      > days ago.
      > Now, those refactoring have prepared the way for our desired red, the LoadFrom 
      > test. Some hints: you can define an std::istreamstream("With some xml content 
      > to be read") and see how previous tests use the boundsAsString method to get 
      > the actual segmentation content as string.
      > Now you'll try to use the load but now we have a problem: We are missing the 
      > audioDuration parameter. By now, just set it on the constructor. Here we 
      > would need to change the XML format to add such a bound as part of the XML, 
      > this can break a lot of things so this is the perfect point to have a 
      > meeting.
      > -- 
      > David García Garzón
      > (Work) dgarcia at iua dot upf anotherdot es
      > http://www.iua.upf.edu/~dgarcia
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