[Clam-devel] Errata: Patch: embedded diagrams widgets for faust plugins

Natanael Olaiz nolaiz at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 03:02:02 PDT 2008

The first question doesn't has sense.... unless you could run LADSPA 
plugins on Windows :)
(VST would be nice, but compiling faust for VST is more complex[1])



El 06/22/2008 06:57 AM, Natanael Olaiz escribió:
> Pau: this is just a simple embedding diagram inclusion using your 
> code, and an alternative method using QLabel instead QSvgWidget.
> What do you think?
> BTW, using "~"instead of "home" doesn't work in my machine (that's 
> because the commented entire path).
> Two questions:
>    1 - how to manage the shell for recompile faust modules on Windows? 
> (there is a && equivalent, or it needs to execute one command after 
> the other?)
>    2 - what would be the default paths for faust plugins and sources? 
> what about let's move the "~/src/faust/..." to (if exists) 
> $FAUST_PATH+"/..." or homePath()+"/..." ?
> Regards,
> Natanael.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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