[Clam-devel] Re: faust status

Natanael Olaiz nolaiz at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 15:00:13 PDT 2008

El 07/09/2008 06:00 PM, Pau Arumí Albó escribió:
> El dc 09 de 07 de 2008 a les 22:16 +0200, en/na David García Garzón va
> escriure:
>>> - Hey, your screenshots have Sinks and Sources with svg diagrams. But
>>> mines no. I want them! :-)
>> I don't like them too much but maybe another icon could look better.
>> I think the faust svg feature although cool and awesome, is not convenient for 
>> usability because they add too much elements on the screen, which is 
>> something we want to solve with the subnetworks feature. Making the diagram 
>> appear on user query, maybe in a side view could be better. We can now use 
>> QWebKit to have linked svg's!
> I tend to find those diagrams useful to understand the network --which
> tells me this decision might depend on the user's taste.
> I'd like to avoid doing too much work now (like having a side view), and
> first gain experience using faust and specially have feedback of faust
> users. 
> Anyway, I agree that we that faust-svg diagrams could be somehow
> optional: a NE bool setting "show faust svg diagrams" could
> enable/disable the svg embedding *when inserting a new processing*,
> which I think it's straightforward to do. David, Natanael: do you buy
> it?
I do.
Only for Faust? or any processing having the 'svg_diagram' attribute?

> P  

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