[Clam-devel] Turnaround - Chord Extractor application

Pawel Bartkiewicz tuuresairon at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 10:58:01 PDT 2008

Here are two new patches. The first one replaces MonoAudioFileReader
with AudioFileMemoryLoader so seeking is working now. The second one
adds icons and toolbars. They include the previous patch.

> Great to see it working :-) but, hey, you are just doing what the prototyper
> does. I think that the transition to offline will be smother if you don't
> have any realtime code at all. It is time to look at the Annotator. Analysis
> and visualization code is splitted on different binaries. The Annotator has
> the visualization code and the ChordExtractor the analysis. Both binaries
> communicate throught an xml but in our case we won't store anything just do
> an analysis whenever a file is open and visualizing over the created
> analysis
> data structure using a DataSource interface that navigates over it
> controlled
> by the position control the file player sends.

Ok, but the application should be easy to use, so splitting analysis
and visualisation into different tools doesn't seem like a good idea
to me.

> I can give you more hints on annotator code if you need them. It is not a
> nice
> code to browse, Jun can tell you ;-)

I know, I have already looked at it. I'm going to implement offline
analysis tonight, if there'll be any problems I'll ask you tomorrow.

> Yep, just a todo for you on the queue. ;-) But needed in order to have a
> decent toolbar.

Done in the second (newer) patch :-)

> Ok. But keept actions, resources, menus and toolbars in designer. Those are
> better mantained with designer.


> Nice to see your project full speed! Keep the good work.

I find it easier to work with clear goals in mind, the training tasks
were a bit unclear to me.

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