[Clam-devel] Re: problems with faust "make svg"

Natanael Olaiz nolaiz at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 12:25:51 PDT 2008

I see now that you have math.lib on /usr/local/lib...
The makefile define a fixed prefix=/usr/local . But I don't found where 
is included in my system... if use another environment var (at less in 
my GCCs related paths there is no /usr/local), or what..

El 07/18/2008 04:01 PM, Natanael Olaiz escribió:
> El 07/18/2008 08:29 AM, Pau Arumí escribió:
>> Hi Natanel, after updating clam to the new mode of faust compilation 
>> using "make"
>> instead of custom commands, NE complains with this error. (which is
>> exactly the same output obtained going to $CLAM_PATH/examples/ and
>> running "make svn")
>> $ make svg
>> make -f Makefile.svg
>> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/parumi/src/faust/examples'
>> faust -svg bandfilter.dsp > /dev/null
>> file math.lib not found in path /home/parumi/src/faust
>> ERROR : Unable to open file  math.lib make[1]: *** 
>> [bandfilter.dsp-svg] Error 1
>> "locate math.lib" shows that this file exists in several places
>> (FAUST_PATH points to ~/src/faust):
>> /usr/local/lib/faust/math.lib
>> /usr/share/doc/faust/examples/math.lib
>> /home/parumi/src/faust/architecture/math.lib
> I didn't realize: I have installed Faust from the sources and 
> worked good. But now I uninstalled it (keeping the examples dir) and 
> installed the Debian package and do the same that you are describing.
> 'make install' from the sources put 'math.lib' on 
> /usr/local/lib/faust, which is usually in path.
> The Debian package instead, put the math.lib on 
> /usr/share/doc/faust/examples, which is not in path. If you have write 
> permissions, you could compile it there, but not in other place.
> ...
> I downloaded all the source versions to the (which is the same 
> of the debian package), and all the makefiles copies 
> 'architecture/*.*' to '$prefix/lib/'.
> Could be a package error?
> Anyway, copying the /usr/share/doc/faust/examples on $FAUST_PATH 
> should work.
> Do you think that should be easier to make a script to check and/or 
> copy what is needed?
> If you want I can do it, just tell me where could I put it 
> (SConstruct, external?), and using what shell....
> Regards,
> Natanael
>> Do you have any idea why faust binary can not find this .lib? Else I'll
>> ask a faust ml.
>> Thanks!
>> P

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