[Clam-devel] Improving Faust usability

Natanael Olaiz nolaiz at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 22:30:14 PDT 2008

El 07/18/2008 07:16 PM, Pau Arumí escribió:
> I'm thinking in some changes that could make faust a bit more usable.
>       * Change the "gear" icon for the command shortcut, which is
>         repeated from the prototyper one. One idea is composing the
>         faust logo with a gear (i.e. the logo on the back)
Commited. I don't like it... but is something for now... Here is the 
original svg attached (48x48px gear.png in front, faustlogo.svg in the 
middle and a transparent square frame behind)

>       * Change the compilation workflow. Now you press "compile"->
>         window pops up asking if you want to continue -> do stuff in the
>         bottom panel -> window pops up saying "finished"
>         Why not: press compile -> the progress panel have a "cancel"
>         button -> finishes and the "cancel" button turns into a "close"
>         button.
>         Also with a close button we could disable the timed panel exit.
>         Users may want to examine the console output. 
I like the idea.
> What do you think? Maybe dynamically adding buttons is hard? An
> alternative would be to have both buttons all the time but only one is
> enabled at a time.
I'll try it.

BTW, I tried to dinamically add visual objects with the todo: 'search 
bar' on the processings tree... but the automatically generated layout 
is really ugly. In that cases, do you think is better to deal with that 
managing the layout by the code, or use an externally defined widget?
> Natanael, take the task if you feel like it (or discuss the idea, of
> course). The functionality is already there, so no need to hurry.
No problem. But I want to, it's really annoying the timer when you want 
to see what happened :)
> P
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