[Clam-devel] subnetworks interfacing - NE several opened files

Karsten Krispin karsten.mailinglists at krispin.de
Thu Jul 24 07:33:49 PDT 2008

Am Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2008 10:51:37 schrieb Pau Arumí:
>         Network subnet;
>         subnet.AddProcessing(..);
>         ...
>         Network net;
>         net.AddNetwork( subnet );
>         Or maybe we should generalize Processing/Network -> Module? so
>         net.AddModule
Sorry for jumping in...

It might be tough approache, but what about considering a Network to be a 

If a network tells a Subnetwork to process it's childs, simply the Do() of the 
Subnetwork gets called and in turn calls it's internal flow control.

That way you don't have to bother about childs' scheduling through serveral 
levels of the hierarchy.


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