[Clam-devel] Re: Turnaround

David García Garzón dgarcia at iua.upf.edu
Fri Aug 1 15:18:10 PDT 2008

Pawel, I did some changes on the PoolDataArraysource in order to easy your 
task, so update your repository before going on.

El Saturday 02 August 2008 00:06:23 David García Garzón va escriure:
> Back to the list.
> We'll take it step by step.
> First clearance:
> - Do not use toStdString to get file names. Use toLocal8Bit().constData()
> in order to support current locale. toStdString uses Latin1 despite the
> current one. :-(
> - Remove the nameProject parameter unless you are using it for anything. If
> you want to provide a song as parameter, rename it and don't forget to use
> the fromLocal8Bit.
> Then the actual forward steps. As you have the widgets that make more noise
> than any other thing if you want the analysis, let's forget about the
> analysis and lets concetrate first on the widgets.
> The first phase is having a FloatArrayDataSource that allows to travel on
> an extracted pool of dummy data.
> First lets create and fill the dummy data on loading the file.
> * Create an array of floats of nFrames*12 slots. By now let's take the hop
> size from a constant and the lenght from the audio size.
> * Fill the array with a 12 bits binary time code 0, 1, 10, 11, 100, ...
> loop
> Then we should create a view for such data.
> * Substitute the KeySpace with a VectorView, changing the port to PCP which
> is simpler to debug than ChordCorrelation port (12 bins vs. a varying
> number of chords depending on the configuration).
> * Copy annotator's PoolFloatArrayDataSource.
> Instead of relying on the pools and schemas we want to provide the dummy
> parameters by hand, so:
> * Comment out the setDataSource and the UpdateData notice that they use the
> Schema (structure) and the DataPool (actual data) to fill some members.
> * Provide a setDataSource with nBins, binGap, firstBinOffset and binLabels
> as parameters  so you can do direct mapping. (those bins are bins in a
> frame, pitches, so binGap=firstBinOffset=0 and binLabels are G,G#,A,A#,B...
> * Provide an UpdateData with a sampling rate, a frame division, and the
> array of data that you will copy into _data
> * Create a PFADS on the Turnarround
> * Set the PFADS as the VectorView data source
> * Connect the progress control to a Turnaround slot that calls
> PFADS::updateTime with the appropiate parameter.
> * Try to use a Tonnetz instead of a VectorView to check the labels
> At this point we'll have the widgets visualizing offline dummy data, so you
> can remove the TonalAnalysis and monitors from the real-time network. Then
> start building an offline network that fills the offline structures, our
> widgets know how to display.
> El Friday 01 August 2008 21:17:33 Pawel Bartkiewicz va escriure:
> > Yes, I was reading mail and working on Turnaround from Monday, but I
> > still can't make the offline analysis working, so I haven't sent any
> > new patches.
> >
> > I forgot to commit that old patch, sorry. I've just done it but I had
> > to revert and clean up the new code because it wasn't working.
> >
> > I'm afraid I'll have to write some hack or simply copy the code from
> > Annotator's ChordExtractor, because I'm stuck and otherwise I may not
> > finish the project on time.
> >
> > On 01/08/2008, David García Garzón <dgarcia at iua.upf.edu> wrote:

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