[Clam-devel] launchpad

Pau Arumí parumi at iua.upf.edu
Tue Aug 5 15:05:34 PDT 2008

> I said "almost"  because so far, svn has been imported from a dump file.
> Now we are waiting for updating to HEAD

Now it's updated -- thanks Michael Hudson, the launchpad devel/operator
who has been very helpful


The web-based diff viewer (also useful for proposed patch/branch merges)
is very nice -- similar to the one in track .

Now imagine you prepare a patch to commit to clam, but you want to
commit locally in small steps. Easy, create the bzr branch 
$ bzr branch lp:clam
and do the usual commit operations.
Now if you want to incorporate latest changes from svn (via our synched
$ bzr merge

To produce the final patch just "bzr diff". 
But you don't ever have to send a patch, since you can publish the

But of course you can do more than producing a patch. You can commit all
the patch history, and even "clean" the patch history, as Andy Wingo
(BTW, a neighbor of mine, here in Barcelona) comments: 

Well, this will be done better with the bzr-svn plugin -- but it needs

The 5 min guide to bzr (that Hernan pointed out before)



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