[Clam-devel] Re: OSC in CLAM

Pau Arumí parumi at iua.upf.edu
Wed Aug 6 14:13:15 PDT 2008

On dc, 2008-08-06 at 13:43 -0400, Han, Yushen wrote:
> Hi, Pau

> and a README.txt which is the instruction for those two tools.
> However, this is a new problem with my LoopMaker I compiled the lasted clam:

It should be what David have pointed out -- hopefuly.

> Here is the patch with all the problems that you pointed out
> corrected.
> In this patch, I added 2 subdirs under svn:
> /plugins/temporal_oboeSynthesizer/LoopMaker
> /plugins/temporal_oboeSynthesizer/SDIF2Wav

Yes, looks much better now.
But it fails to compile (the plugin, not a subdir) here

Before diving myself into the problem, do you have any hint? 
Maybe you forgot to remove some file (svn rm file) to the patch?


The error trace

g++ -o RealtimeSMSSynthesizer RealtimeSMSSynthesizer.o ControlStreamSegmentator.o SDIFDatabase.o TestScore.o SimpleOboeSynthesizer.o SDIFDatabaseProcessing.o SDIFFileReaderWithBuffer.o SimpleTransformer.o ContinuousExcitationOSCSource.o SDIFFileReaderWithLoop.o DirectoryBasedMetadataReader.o -L/home/parumi/local/lib -lclam_core -lclam_audioio -lclam_processing
SimpleOboeSynthesizer.o: In function `CLAM::SynthesizeToSpeakers(CLAM::SDIFDatabase&, CLAM::SMSSynthesis&, CLAM::ContinuousExcitationControlSource*, CLAM::MonoAudioFileWriter*)':
/home/parumi/local/include/CLAM/SpectralSynthesisConfig.hxx:42: multiple definition of `CLAM::SynthesizeToSpeakers(CLAM::SDIFDatabase&, CLAM::SMSSynthesis&, CLAM::ContinuousExcitationControlSource*, CLAM::MonoAudioFileWriter*)'
RealtimeSMSSynthesizer.o:/home/parumi/clam/CLAM/plugins/temporal_oboeSynthesizer/RealtimeSMSSynthesizer.cxx:52: first defined here
SimpleOboeSynthesizer.o: In function `main':
/home/parumi/clam/CLAM/plugins/temporal_oboeSynthesizer/SimpleOboeSynthesizer.cxx:184: multiple definition of `main'
RealtimeSMSSynthesizer.o:/home/parumi/clam/CLAM/plugins/temporal_oboeSynthesizer/RealtimeSMSSynthesizer.cxx:280: first defined here
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

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