[Clam-devel] Audio Output

Karsten Krispin karsten.mailinglists at krispin.de
Fri Aug 8 01:32:34 PDT 2008

Hi David,

I've got problems by getting your emails. Especially just when you reply to 
threads of mine. On the former one, about launchpad, I didn't got your mail 
as well. If you write to other threads, all those mails I receive. 
I checked that any mails of you were rejected on my site. But nothing. It 
seems as they were swallowed up... Do you got an Idea?

Anyways. I don't use a network and I actually don't going intend to use it. I 
suppose I have to use a networks by using a _Network_Player? However, I would 
be happy about more hints.. :)


>Use a PANetworkPlayer or JackNetworkPlayer which takes AudioSources and 
>AudioSinks as devices. Check the examples on the wiki and in CLAM/examples
>All the other methods are deprecated. Aren't they, Pau? Xavi?

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