[Clam-devel] COMMIT 11822 - Re: Faust support - plugins dynamic reloading

Natanael Olaiz nolaiz at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 03:27:38 PDT 2008

David: could I change the 'static' automatic loading of clam plugins to 
one like the faust-ladspa? The initialization of the static keeps opened 
the libraries on background a lot of time, making that your idea doesn't 
work.... Loading specifically on main.cxx (NE) seems to be working...


El 08/05/2008 02:45 PM, David García Garzón escribió:
> El Tuesday 05 August 2008 09:31:44 Natanael Olaiz va escriure:
>> El 08/04/2008 07:12 AM, David García Garzón escribió:
>>> [...]
>>> My suggestion:
>>> * First move all dl_ calls to the base RunTimeLibraryLoader primitives
>>> (see LoadLibraryError and FullyLoadLibrary) so that we can encapsulate
>>> the platform dependant bits.
>>> * Add in the same class some static structure that holds the list of
>>> libraries.
>>> * Add also a static state that holds the currently loading library and
>>> set it and unset it when appropiate.
>>> * When registering a factory entry check that state and if set, populate
>>> the structure or just add some metadata.
>>> * The factory registrator destructor should remove the processing type
>>> from the factory (this should be TDD) in order to allow unloading the
>>> library.
>>> I am not sure whether this should work. But, anyway, be carefull,
>>> remember that we are in release!!! The plugin system cannot be broken!
>> David: you was totally right. Trying to do just a "simple regenerating
>> of all plugins", I understand your suggestions reasons.
>> Do you think that is safer to keep that out of the release? For now I
>> prefer to release as is (and maybe the same for the ladspa compiled
>> networks), like a workaround... Is not totally safe, but the faust
>> reloader works for the user, and I could continue this after the release
>> and focus my work on subnetworks.
>> BTW, I apologize for break up the loading of clam plugins on the SVN for
>> a few hours. :-/
> Keep developing, but just be extra careful, i will send a pencils up for the 
> release before starting generating the packages. just, if you do a commit you 
> are not sure that is going to be valid, think twice and warn us.
> David.

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