[Clam-devel] Tagged 1.3

Pawel Bartkiewicz tuuresairon at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 07:35:56 PDT 2008

Does it concern Turnaround? There is no CHANGES file in the Turnaround
directory yet.


On 12/08/2008, David García Garzón <dgarcia at iua.upf.edu> wrote:
> I am going to commit the removal of the ~svnXXXXX sufix. That means that we
> are releasing. Still I will need some changes for windows so that situation
> will last some hours. Please be extremely careful on what you commit (just
> fixes).
> Please, review the CHANGES files. I think that there are a lot of missing
> things.
> --
> David García Garzón
> (Work) dgarcia at iua dot upf anotherdot es
> http://www.iua.upf.edu/~dgarcia

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