[Clam-devel] Re: Task Runner removed?

Jun Jun wangjun at dsp.ac.cn
Sat Aug 16 19:43:00 PDT 2008

yes, in the commit rev11997 I removed the Task Runner in Annotator, but it is not for that problem I met (which is temporarily calmed down by commenting out the 'addDockWidget').

I replaced the Task Runner with QProcess::execute to check whether the second one can execute .py executable file in Annotator. The answer is NO. By the way, you used to suggest the second: "Maybe using taskRunner is not such a good idea, because it makes the whole thing asyncronous, meaning that while saving, the user can manipulate the descriptors, and you have to deal with the state when the task is done, which is complex...." 

The Task Runner can be reverted, if needed?

Maybe that problem can be fixed by the replacement. I'll try it anyway. (intending to sacrifice this sunday to gain the commit rev12000!!)

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