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Thu Oct 2 10:14:09 PDT 2008

On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 10:19 AM, David García Garzón
<dgarcia at iua.upf.edu> wrote:
> Must to say that i didnt even tried to compile pyclam it but i would like to
> do two suggestions that i don't even know whether they are feasible or not.
> The first one is to move clam/CLAM/pyclam to clam/pyclam (or maybe PyCLAM or
> PyClam), this is because when building debian packages we could consider it a
> different source package not mixing c++ build with python module build. Is it
> feasible? do you all agree with the change?

Yes, it is feasible since the build scripts looks for clam headers at
'prefix' location, in the same way than clam based apps.
I put it under CLAM directory because is intrinsically related with
the clam library, but i have no objections to the proposed move.

> The second one is about the build system. Taking a light look at the
> SConstruct file i see several harcoded CLAM defines. Such options as compiled
> in clam should be available from the pkg-config files installed with clam. We
> might even use the clam scons tool the way we use it from the applications
> sconstruct. The scons tool should use the pkg-config options. Any reason for
> not doing it like that?

No, there is no reason :-D. Just that I was eager to see the bindings
working and i was unsure of how pkg-config works under scons and
neither knew how to use clam scons tools.

I'll take this thread to notify the list of some recent changes to the bindings:

* I reduced the amount of wrappers and workarounds, so the python code
now looks even simpler and more clean.
** I managed to get the bindings working of some classes that were not
working with the semi automatic binding generation/parser. The
solution is do it by hand. The cons of this is some of them are not
fully exposed,  some just have a couple of methods available.
** I found a way to have DataArrays working in python as vectors, in
other words use the setter and getter by index through [ ]
* Unit tests using pyunit.
 * Py++ doxygen documentation extractor script added, fixed and
improved. Now most doxygen documentation is accessible from python
through the help() command or documentation string at .__doc__ member.
 * Split of the python library in many files in order to get a lower
compile time. Before was only a single file, useful to have the
generated bindings ready to be compiled updated in the server, but
when the library gets stable, automatic generated files could be also
uploaded to achieve the same.
 * License inclusion in bindings files generated by py++.


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