[Clam-devel] Problem in Wang Jun's Method

Rupinder Singh plitanium at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 10:49:40 PST 2008

Thanks guys.. that fixed it but the error still persisted so I relaced the
single quotes with double quotes "". That made it work. There seems to be an
absent module...

File "C:\clam\CLAM\SConstruct", line 140, in setup_build_options
ImportError: No module named win32file:
  File "C:\clam\CLAM\SConstruct", line 217:
    SetupSpawn(clam_env) # to solve long command line problems (in win32)
  File "C:\clam\CLAM\scons\libs\clam_build_helpers.py", line 340:
    import win32file

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