[Clam-devel] Network Editor, OSX, Jack

Jeff Kearns jdkearns at cox.net
Tue Mar 24 11:55:30 PDT 2009

On a Mac PPC w/ Leo 10.5.2, Network Editor from the Clam_SMSTools .dmg  
runs but gives a Concrete Configuration : : No Audio Manager found  
error. I have a local install of Jackdmp as well as qjackctl, with  
jack server running or not, NetEd opens with PortAudio defaulted to,  
and the preferences in the menu are dimmed. Can I force NetEd from the  
command line to use Jack backend or do I need to compile a later  
Clam?  I already have QT4.4.3, and all the other dependent libs anyway  
locally, will the latest SVN build on a PPC?
Thanks, JK

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