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fyi... looks like a cool jog on audio programming

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Subject: 	job opening
Date: 	Mon, 18 May 2009 12:18:05 -0400
From: 	Joe Brzoska <joe at coolgamejobs.com>
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*Sorry for the unsolicited email. We are hitting a wall and thought you 
might be able to help us.*
*We are conducting a search for an audio programmer for a leading 
publisher. The job is based in southern California.*
*Might you know someone, perhaps a recent student, who would be 
interested in the job?*
*/"We know that games are a serious business"/*


*_Audio Programmer Job Description_*





* This is a unique opportunity to work in a studio-wide support position 
that includes development on all platforms.  Working in collaboration , 
you will co-design, create, and maintain the audio architecture that 
will drive high quality audio across titles in development.  Your role 
will include working to integrate middleware, addressing specific 
project needs with customized code, maximizing the potential of Next Gen 
platforms, developing a proprietary audio engine..*

* *


    * *Coordinate with studio audio programmers to implement and
      maintain audio middleware spanning multiple platforms and game
    * *Develop and enhance audio systems that work in conjunction with
      AI, physics, and animation systems.__*
    * *Co-design and code a proprietary audio engine and toolset__*
    * *Develop detailed designs, schedules and time estimates for tasks,
      and provide plans for implementation.__*
    * *Develop debugging software as needed.__*
    * *Perform research to acquire new knowledge.__*

_*Position Qualifications*_

    * *Strong knowledge of C/C++, data structures, performance, and
      multi-threaded programming techniques.*
    * *Experience working with audio middleware such as Wwise, F-Mod,
      Miles, CRI*
    * *Demonstrated ability to write cross-platform, well-structured,
      readable, and re-usable code.*
    * *Strong debugging skills and knowledge of debugging methodologies.*
    * *Some experience writing GUI tools (win32 or MFC).*
    * *Ability to quickly master proprietary game engines, tools, and
      development processes*
    * *Complete knowledge of audio processing including data
      compression, filters, envelopes, reverbs, 3D positional audio, and
    * *Appreciation for music, dialog, and sound design in games, TV,
      and film.*
    * *Strong passion for creating immersive, high quality videogames.*
    * *Excellent problem-solving and interpersonal communication skills.*
    * *Excellent written skills.*
    * *Ability to travel as needed.*

* *

_*Other Desired Qualifications*_

    * *All-around experience with computer game technologies including
      AI programming, physics, 3D programming, and animation.  *
    * *Experience with X-Box XACT, Sony SCREAM*
    * *Experience with sound, music, or dialog recording, editing,
      composing, performance, or design.*

*Thanks for any help.*

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