[Clam-devel] Adding descriptions to networks

Angelo A.S. alfscorza at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 09:50:07 PDT 2009

Hello everybody! ... and thanks David for your recommendations!

I attached a patch with the modifications necessary to add Description to
networks. This version has corrected the details recommended by David.

Details arranged:

- when the ui file has no real modification, is better not to include it in
the patch. designer often just rewrites the formating from one version to
another. [solved]

> I deleted the file and download it again

- do not include in the patch the networks with dummy descriptions, copy the
networks and work with the copies or just edit the patch to delete them.

- DescriptionDefinitionAdapter class is not needed at all, Text is already a
component, so remove the man in the middle and use the XMLComponentAdapter
with the Text. [solved]

> I deleted all traces of DescriptionDefinitionAdapter  :o)

- do not trigger an error if the description is not present, just take it as
empty. [solved]

- and, when storing it, if it is empty, do write it (you are currently
skiping) [solved]

- allow us to migrate silently old networks [solved]

> Every time you open a network and no description is added, it adds the
label <description/>

*Modified classes*:

BaseNetwork.hxx: added virtual method 'get' and 'set' for description.
FlattenedNetwork.cxx: reimplementation of StoreOn and LoadFrom (methods)...
this was necessary to support reading and writing
descriptionsFlattenedNetwork.hxx: added method 'get' and 'set' for
description ant attribute '_description'
MainWindows.hxx: added a _descriptionPanel and _textDescriptionEdit... this
was necessary to show the description

*See you*!! :o)

~ Angelo Scorza ~
"El que no posee el don de maravillarse ni de entusiasmarse más le valdría
estar muerto, porque sus ojos están cerrados." A. Einstein.
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