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As you can see from this email, the main information email address on 
our webpage seems to be bouncing... maybe it's time to change it?

Also, Jerome adds an interesting note on how clam (in catalan) can be 
translated to other languages... maybe could be added to our explanation :-)


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Hi there,

the note below bounced, so this 2nd attempt, i'm trying the other 
e-address, that is, sending it to you.

Not to worry, the "message truncated" below only chopped off my 
signature, so here i go again:

Jerome Potts, in Austin, Texas, USA.

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 Hi, 'landed on your web site while looking for answers out there, and i'm
reading: "CLAM, in Catalan, means something like "a continuous sound
produced by a large number of people as to show approval or disapproval of a
given event"." I'd say the word they're talking about is a translation of "
clamor <http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/clamor>", same origin ("clameur" in
French, "clamore" in Italian, etc.)

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