[Clam-devel] clam plugins for QT4 --Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty

JIA Pei jp4work at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 23:31:05 PDT 2009

Hi, all:
Sorry for my posting here. I couldn't subscribe the user mail list at this
moment and I've got no idea why it is so. Anyway, please do help in any

I happened to come across the beautiful CLAM QT4 plugin and really would
like to try it.
However, Whenever I would like to compile my own application, I obtained the
following error messages:

error: LPModelView.hxx: No such file or directory
error: MelCepstrumView.hxx: No such file or directory
error: SpectrumView.hxx: No such file or directory

Then, I did a thorough search on my computer:
jiapei at so-9883-x1:/usr$ find . -depth -name "LPModelView*"
jiapei at so-9883-x1:/usr$ cd include/

As you can see, there is no file named "LPModelView.hxx" at all. It looks
like CLAM repository doesn't afford a source code installation, which
prohibits the developers to use the CLAM QT4 widgets.

What's more, I did find "libCLAMWidgets.so" under my QT4 plugin/designer
folder as shown in the following

jiapei at so-9883-x1:/usr/lib/qt4/plugins/designer$ ls
kdewidgets.so             libcustomwidgetplugin.so   libtaskmenuextension.so
libarthurplugin.so        libqt3supportwidgets.so
libCLAMWidgets.so         libqwebview.so
libcontainerextension.so  libqwt_designer_plugin.so

However, I do need those .hxx files. Then, I downloaded
"clam-networkeditor-1.3.1~svn13031" and found the source is right there.
But, is it better for CLAM repository to afford these sources rather than
this kind of manual downloading??

Best Regards

Welcome to Vision Open
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