[Clam-devel] Ladspa+Clam problem

Eugenio Rustico jfrusciante at tiscali.it
Mon Oct 12 03:20:42 PDT 2009

I'm using Clam for a very simple purpose: playing a wav file and
passing it through an equalizer (3 bands is enough). I'm doing this on
Ubuntu Studio 8.04 in C++ with Jack backend.

 I'm using a multichannel file reader, a djeq (ladspa) and two
audiosinks. The problem: audio is clean and real-time if I don't use
ladspas; otherwise, sound is scattered and quite bad. Where shall I
start debugging?

 On my laptop everything is fine. However, when I test a network with
the networkeditor on the pc where i need it (a powerful one...
quad-core, 4G ram, two nvidia gtx 280, 2 sata hds 7200 and 10.000
rpms, etc.) ladspa plugins make the sound awful and unusable.
Unfortunately I can work on that machine in a limited amount of hours,
it's not at home with me.

 Jackd is launched through qjackctl, it's in realtime, and with 128
frames/period and 3 periods/buffers i got no xruns at all (i know,
they're not that good but sound is onboard and irq is shared with sata

UPDATE: JackEq, which is working fine, uses the same ladspa plugin I
needed, the djeq! It seems only using ladspa inside clam yields the


 Eugenio Rustico

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