[Clam-devel] SMSTransformation question

Ryan Stables Ryan.Stables at bcu.ac.uk
Thu Oct 15 09:12:46 PDT 2009

Hi All, 

I'm working on a project that manipulates the vowels in vocal files based on stable regions in the frequency domain.

I've set up a command line app loosely based around the way the SMSTools GUI works, but I'm looking to optimize it and get rid of the need for XML config/transformation files. I'm essentially trying to apply the SMS transformation class members directly onto the segments of the Audio object being read in. 

Firstly i wanted to know if the best way to organize the system is by using the network editor structure? (ports etc...) or if it's more plausible to simply set up some code that does (audioObj > SMSAnalysis > Transofmration > resynthesis > audioObj) without using NE classes. I've attempted this so far but I get segmentation faults (I'm probably doing something wrong). 
Also, reading through some of the examples in the source code, some files refer to a CLAM 'manual'. Does this exist or is this just referring to the doxygen pages? Any specific SMS examples or tutorials would be extremely useful. Thanks in advance. 

Kind Regards, 

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