[Clam-devel] Finishing Typed Controls Refactoring

David García Garzón david.garcia at upf.edu
Wed Nov 11 16:16:10 PST 2009

Today Nael had some problems connecting a FloatOutControl with a 
TypedOutControl<float>. This was due to the fact we didn't finish the 
TypedControls refactor and both kinds of controls are connectable but they are 
not binary compatible.

The missing part of the refactoring consisted on deprecating In/OutControl by 
defining FloatIn/OutControl as TypedIn/OutControl<float> and removing the old 
classes. After that we will rename TypedIn/OutControl as In/OutControl<T> to 
hold the parallelism with In/OutPort<T>.

Today we failed to complete it and the testfarm is in red so sorry for that. 
The errors are due, first, to some In/OutControl usage introduced since the 
refactor started (should have been FloatIn/OutControl or In/OutControlBase to 
be refactor safe). The other error seems related to ControlPublishers, and in 
this case i am unable to see the problem. Any help is welcome.


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