[Clam-devel] How to avoid the nasty WARNINGs when running Prototyper or NetworkEditor

Pau Arumí pau.arumi at barcelonamedia.org
Wed Dec 2 08:24:44 PST 2009

In case you run into this problem:


        When I run clam NetworkEditor or Prototyper (or ditec app that calls it)
        I get warnings like this one:
        ####### WARNING: At file /home/pauarumi/local/include/CLAM/Factory.hxx
        line 279
        WARNING. While adding a creator method in the factory, id 'Rec-VCO2' was
        already registered.


        1. make sure that "/usr/lib/ladspa" is not in your LADSPA_PATH
        Your ~/.bashrc should have a line like this one
        (without /usr/lib/ladspa):
        	export LADSPA_PATH=~/local/lib/ladspa
        2. there are two deb packages that conflicts in that they provide the
        same plugins. so:
        sudo apt-get remove vco-plugins
        and now you can actually use of the terminal output again, yess!

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