[Clam-devel] Re: feedback on bugs of project editor

David García Garzón dgarcia at iua.upf.edu
Tue Apr 14 03:41:11 PDT 2009

Xavi, i am just writing an step by step for you.
By now, just remove the Config element on the project.
BTW, now, no guaranties on Windows, i just focused on Linux for the demo, ;-)

A Tuesday 14 April 2009 12:20:58, 王� va escriure:
> David,
> I tried to test the project editor, however I failed at the very beginning,
> i.e. while launching Annotator, it gives:
> ************************************************************************
> C:\Jun\Devel\Annotator>annotator
> Loading frame level data...
> Object::connect: No such slot Annotator::whatsThis()
> Object::connect:  (sender name:   'helpWhatsThisAction')
> Object::connect:  (receiver name: 'Annotator')
> Object::connect: No such signal AuralizationPlayer::stopTime(double)
> Object::connect:  (receiver name: 'Annotator')
> * Old Project detected: adding mappings
> * Old Project detected: Copying sources from old extractor
> Config content:
> Schema: C:/DOCUME~1/MINWEI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/qt_temp.gq1196
> Config: C:/DOCUME~1/MINWEI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/qt_temp.Hp1196
> Launched extractor to get the schema...
> Output:
> Mapping Extractor_1/Song::Frames
> Mapping Extractor_1/Song::ChordFrames
> Mapping Extractor_1/Song::Danceable
> Mapping Extractor_1/Frame::Energy
> Mapping Extractor_1/ChordFrame::Energy
> Mapping Extractor_1/ChordFrame::ChordHartePcp
> Mapping Extractor_1/ChordFrame::HarteChordCorrelation
> Mapping Extractor_1/Song::Harte
> Mapping Extractor_1/ExtractedChord::ChordRoot
> Mapping Extractor_1/ExtractedChord::ChordMode
> terminate called after throwing an instance of 'CLAM::XmlStorageErr'
>   what():  Unexpected Element: 'Config' at position /Project
> This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual
> way.
> Please contact the application's support team for more information.
> ************************************************************************
> Another report may be innocent, but just in case:
> "moc_vmPlot2D.cxx" is in the path /vmqt/plot/base/generated, and causes
> error while compiling ./vmqt, about "can't find vmPlot2D.hxx ..." . I just
> removed the "moc_vmPlot2D.cxx" by hand and completed the compiling.

David García Garzón
(Work) dgarcia at iua dot upf anotherdot es

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