[Clam-devel] multiple ports: network editor

Dirk Griffioen dirk.griffioen at barcelonamedia.org
Wed May 20 01:10:22 PDT 2009

Pau Arumí Albó wrote:
> For the record: the next iteration for the patch, and probably the last
> one, will be to update the backends other than Jack (that is Ladspa and
> Portaudio). Without this the new multi-port-sources-style networks can
> not be compiled as Ladspa plugins nor played with Portaudio)
I will first do the 'quick' approach, however, the code is largely the 
same, so a bit of refactoring would not be bad ...

> I minor issue with the patch: I prefer back-end port names 1-based
> (starting from 1 and not from 0). The reason is that 1) it matches the
> standard in jack system ports 2) these numbers are just "tags", so for
> human use only, not for programatic use (where 0-based, I think is
> preferable)
> Any objection? (David specially)
I have no problem with it (it's just a '+1' in the portname on 

> P
> El dt 19 de 05 de 2009 a les 15:39 +0200, en/na Dirk Griffioen va
> escriure:
>> Hi,
>> A small oversight of mine, you will need the networkeditor.pacth as well 
>> to receive the warning.
>> (Next time I will run svn diff from clam/CLAM to get all changes ...)
>> Best, Dirk
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