[Clam-devel] add descriptions to the networks

David García Garzón dgarcia at iua.upf.edu
Tue Jun 2 11:49:30 PDT 2009

A very useful feature, Angelo! Some comments:

- when the ui file has no real modification, is better not to include it in 
the patch. designer often just rewrites the formating from one version to 
- do not include in the patch the networks with dummy descriptions, copy the 
networks and work with the copies or just edit the patch to delete them.
- DescriptionDefinitionAdapter class is not needed at all, Text is already a 
component, so remove the man in the middle and use the XMLComponentAdapter 
with the Text.
- do not trigger an error if the description is not present, just take it as 
- and, when storing it, if it is empty, do write it (you are currently 

The last two will allow us to migrate silently old networks.

Besides that, including the commit message in the mail would be very useful 
for us both to speed up the commit and to understand it. Notice that your 
patch includes not just the network description but also a bug fix for the 
NetworkEditor ProcesingTree button, which is important to note in the log.

Maybe Pau already pointed that to you but if not take a look to those 
guidelines we use for Qt code:

On Tuesday 02 June 2009 18:35:57 Angelo A.S. wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> I attached a patch with the modifications that allow you to add
> descriptions to the networks.
> Greetings!
> ~ Angelo Scorza ~
> "El que no posee el don de maravillarse ni de entusiasmarse más le valdría
> estar muerto, porque sus ojos están cerrados." A. Einstein.

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