[Clam-devel] QGraphicsView

David García Garzón david.garcia at upf.edu
Thu Jul 16 12:03:36 PDT 2009

If you want to give Angelo's port a try just checkout his branch:

He has almost dupped all features of the NetworkCanvas using the 
QGraphicsView framework. Not all of them but nearly and the scaffolding is 
still there.


A Dilluns, 13 de juliol de 2009 19:33:38, Angelo A.S. va escriure:
> Hi gang!
> I have been working in the new branch in CLAM project, attempting migrate
> to QGraphicsView in the NetworkEditor.
> The first step have been that NetworkCanvas inherit from a QGraphicsView
> and ProcessingBox  inherit from a QGraphicsItem.
> The second step have been to create methods to catch the new QGV events. In
> this moment, only works to select processings, to move processings, hover
> processings... and resizing processings.
> Note: In the page '
> http://clam-project.org/wiki/Development_screenshots#Upcoming_1.4.0', you
> could look the progress.
> bye!
> ~ Angelo Scorza ~
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> estar muerto, porque sus ojos están cerrados." A. Einstein.

David García Garzón
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