[Clam-devel] mono / bformat files on ImpulseResponseLoader

Pau Arumí pau.arumi at barcelonamedia.org
Tue Jul 28 01:36:58 PDT 2009

El dt 28 de 07 de 2009 a les 09:54 +0200, en/na Natanael Olaiz va  
> > Great! Let's update the networks
> >
> > Agree with changing the port name for the mono case (clamrefactor at 
> > the resque)
> Which option do you prefer?


> >> It could be extended to HOA(/other multi-channel IRs) easily.
> >> BTW, to do it I'm thinking in a string configuration parameter, with 
> >> the commas separated port names, but for that I would love to be able 
> >> to use boost::split... :)
> >>   
> > You mean giving the user to choose the Amb channel order? I see no 
> > reason for such flexibility, it is better to restrict to a fixed 
> > convention -- making use of an Amb markup in the wav header confirming 
> > the Amb format would be nice too (though not urgent).
> > And for hard-coding the the labels, a C array  is a good way (as done 
> > in the vbap decoder)
> No, I was suggesting to allow the user to use any number of channels and 
> port labels (i.e., not limited to ambisonics). And not hardcoded, but as 
> a configuration parameter (for instance, the port names separated by 
> commas).

IMO an IR can only be ambisonics (with order 0 to N). 
Other things would be better modeled as "multiple" IRs using multiple


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