[Clam-devel] loading spacialization plugin

Dirk Griffioen dirk.griffioen at barcelonamedia.org
Wed Aug 5 05:37:53 PDT 2009

Ok I found it: the spacialization plugin did not load due to an 
undefined symbol (because raytracing was not up to date).

I added a printout in the library load code for when dlopen() returns NULL.

> Hi,
> Somehow, the spacialization plugin stopped loading on my pc - don't know 
> why, all I get is a:
> CLAM LADSPA: Error while loading CLAM network based plugin 'mono2bformat'.
> Error creating a processing object of type 'Spherical2CartesianControl' 
> which is not available.
> Plugin not loaded.
> <snip>
> when the ladspa plugin tries to load ...
> The spacialization plugin is not loaded in the NetworkEditor at all.
> I cleaned all (including raytracing), svn up, and build all but still 
> this happens ...
> Any idea?
> Dirk
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