[Clam-devel] Extending clam: module libraries vs plugins

David García Garzón david.garcia at upf.edu
Tue Jan 19 14:49:35 PST 2010

We had some problems of plugins using processings in other plugins (ie. 
spatialization using osc...) that we have addressed in a fast and dirty way. 
Now it seems like the fast and dirty way is a show stopper now so we should 
address it.

I was thinking in turning plugins into module libraries (with headers, pc 
file... just like libclam_procesing and so on) and then adding an almost empty 
plugin library which just links with the module library. I don't know for sure 
whether that approach would work but it seems that it would. If it works we 
will have a plan to approach the long time awaited modularization of 
libclam_processing as plugins but still keeping dependencies among them.

Some decisions should be made on locations and naming. My proposal:
- headers in include/CLAM/spatialization (or include/CLAM?)
- pc file libs/pkgconfig/clam_spatialization.pc
- library libs/libclam_spacialization.so.1.4.0
- plugin libs/clam/libclam_spatialization_plugin

Some other implications:
- Installing the headers
- Building the pc file
- Building the empty plugin
- Considering soname and versioning in plugins

Any comments?


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