[Clam-devel] iclampy

David García Garzón david.garcia at upf.edu
Fri Jan 29 03:45:00 PST 2010

This is the last ipyclam version i have in my computer. I send it to the list 
as starting point for Xavier Serra's final course project. First, let me 
clarify that Xavi Serra is not Music Technology Group's head, who was involved 
in the CLAM project's start up, but an homonimous UPF student. :-)
I hope he will introduce himself to the list in short.

The overall idea for his project is to improve the integration between clam 
and python in many ways. 

The first way to explore will be an api which address direct network 
manipulation and exploration. This does not overlaps Hernan's pyclam bindings. 
It is a higher level and more pythonic api that has similar operations to the 
ones available in the network editor. This would enable executing such actions 
programatically, for example, to manipulate the mega networks we are dealing 
with in Barcelona Media.

If you have more ideas on how python could be used in clam, please propose and 
lobby for them to be included in his project.

Hernan, i don't know the current status of the pyclam bindings. It sounds to 
me that the show stopper, the dependencies, are already in ubuntu so we could 
consider to build a package. Also, including its compilation and tests in 
testfarm would be nice.

David García Garzón
(Work) david dot garcia at upf anotherdot edu
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