[clam-devel] Ubunt AMD64 - Compiling NetworkEditor -- INSTALL LOCATION???

Martín Berger bergermartin at gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 09:24:01 PST 2010

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this mailing list, but I've been following from quite close
distance the development of this amazing piece of software that is the CLAM
suite, and I'm very very thankful for all the work that's been done
(specially this last recent release!!!).

On the other side, I'm a brand new user of UBUNTU, but -unfortunately
regarding CLAM- I chose AMD64 as the architecture... Why? Because I have an
Intel Core 2 Duo, and I've read here and there that it has a better

Anyway, that's the distro I chose, and before changing it to an x86 one, I
wanted to try to compile by myself CLAM libs and all the other products of
your package.
While with the later release (1.3.0) the compiling process of the CLAM libs
had took me some troubles, compiling the 1.4.0 release works out of the box
(congratulations!!! great work! Thanks... I'm not a programmer, and fighting
with all those *warning* and *error* messages is kind of stressful...)

Either way, after compiling the 1.4.0 libraries, I wanted to compile and
-finally!- use the Network Editor...
So, I put:

$ scons install prefix=/usr/local clam_prefix=/usr/local

in a console window, and it compiled my application greatly, fast and with
no problems (yes, some *warning* here and there, but I think it's nothing to
worry about).
The problem is that it's installed to my /home/xxxxxx folder!!!!!
I mean: I had my sources folder in


and NetworkEditor was installed (the binaries created, the libraries
compiled, the folders are now read-only... everything!!) to the same

Now I have the same problem as someone else whose name I don't remember: I
must run NetworkEditor typing:

$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib ./NetworkEditor from the location where the
sources where installed -and now my application is installed.

Otherwise, if I just put: $ NetworkEditor it says: "NetworkEditor: error
while loading shared libraries: libclam_qtmonitors.so.1.4: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory"

Is there a way to correctly install the binaries, so that they are in
/usr/local/--- and I could just click in the created link in my main menu??

With the command showed above (thank you very much, to the guy who propossed
that solution in a previous message) I can run NetworkEditor apparently with
no problems, except that I see a lot of console message before starting, of
the kind:

####### WARNING: At file /usr/local/include/CLAM/Factory.hxx line 277
WARNING. While adding a creator method in the factory, id 'delay_5s' was
already registered.

I don't know if this IS a problem, or it's normal and nothing to worry

But what really bothers me is the way NetworkEditor must be started... Is
there a way to fix it???

Thank you very much!!!!!!!

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