[clam-devel] Including external LADSPA plugins whithin clam-network-based LADSPA plugins...

Natanael Olaiz nolaiz at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 01:56:06 PDT 2010


Yesterday we (Pau, David, me) added the posibility of use LADSPA plugins
whithin CLAM-Network-based ones (i.e., added the searching/loading of
ladspa plugins whithin the LadspaNetworkPlayer).

It was needed to add some kind of flag to check if a plugin it's a clam
one to avoid an infinite recursion.... So, we added a
"clam_library_marker" variable in the LadspaNetworkExporter, to make a
symbol which is checked when loading the plugins.

The symbol is included in libclam_core, but it seems to work in linux
even if we are checking it from the generated ladspa plugin, because as
the dlsym man page says:

>  The  function dlsym() takes a "handle" of a dynamic library returned
>  by dlopen() and the null-terminated symbol name, returning the address
>  where that symbol is loaded into memory.  If the symbol is not found,
>  in the specified library **or any of the libraries that were
>  automatically loaded by dlopen()  when  that  library  was  loaded**,
>  dlsym() returns  NULL.

Anyway, that will probably don't work on Windows GetProcAddress.

Best regards,

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