[clam-devel] Mac OS X: NetworkEditor not building (r14492)

johnbeuving johnbeuving at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 08:35:08 PDT 2010


I'm trying to build the chordata application for Mac Os X. To do this I first had to build and install the CLAM libaries.
Not a big problem there. Then I found out that the chordata application was dependent on the NetworkEditor.
The NetworkEditor depends on an EmbeddedFile implementation int the file src/NetworkUpgrader.cxx of the NetworkEditor sources.
The exact error message is from the header file:

EmbeddedFile.hxx:40:2: error: #error "No support for embedded files in your platform"

This error is directed when neither __ELF__ and __MINGW32__ (coff binary) are defined. I really wanted to look for a workaround but
somehow there is a hard requirement for the EmbeddedFile.
In which direction should i look for a solution to get the NetworkEditor building and also the chordata. ??

John D

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