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Toni toni at links2linux.de
Sun Mar 7 06:41:37 PST 2010

Am Sonntag, 7. März 2010 schrieb michael noble:
> Hi Toni,
> > this is unpossible, the clam-networkeditor package contains:
> > %{_libdir}/clam/libclam_qtmonitors_plugin.so
> > /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/designer/libCLAMWidgets.so
> >
> > with _libdir ==> /usr/lib or /usr/lib64
> >
> > check it with rpm -ql clam-networkeditor
> So far as I can tell, these are not the actual plugin files. The
> plugins seem to be in the plugins folder in the CLAM source main
> folder. I couldn't find a scons script to build them, so I assume they
> have to be built separately. There are a number of folders in there,
> and each has its own scons script. I built all but one manually, as
> the scons script failed.  After running those scons scripts I now have
> %{_libdir}/clam/ and it contains the following files:
> libclam_continuous_excitation_synth_plugin.so
> libclam_filterspkg_plugin.so
> libclam_guitareffects_plugin.so
> libclam_midi_plugin.so
> libclam_osc_plugin.so
> libclam_resampling_plugin.so
> libclam_samplebysample_plugin.so
> libclam_sndfile_plugin.so
> libclam_spacialization_plugin.so
> libclam_speech_plugin.so

ah :)

so as always DIY ...

ok, I'll try to build those plugins as clam-plugin sub-package. Would be nice 
to have such things in the readme or INSTALL, or even better the main scons 
call should trigger this build.

The order to build those plugins is also important, as they depend on some 
other plugins.

The continuous_excitation_synth_plugin is not compilable at the moment and the 
emporal_oboeSynthesizer plugin needs a additional #include <cstdlib> (atof) .

> The same scons scripts also install files in %{_libdir} to match each
> of these plugin libraries. I imagine these are what are packaged as
> clam-plugins in the debian/ubuntu packages.
> Anyway, these are the files that are missing at the moment.

> best regards
> -michael
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have fun

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