[clam-devel] Idea.

David García Garzón david.garcia at upf.edu
Wed Sep 29 03:48:07 PDT 2010

A Dimarts 28 Setembre 2010 18:14:30, edgley at mnsi.net va escriure:
> Hey everyone,
>    I wanted to make a few new plugins for the network editor
> for quite a while now.  I have decent experience with C++
> from university and subsequently on Windows, but
> unfortunately, getting CLAM to compile has always proved a
> problem for me... 

Setting up clam for development under windows i not an easy task. All current 
active developers are working on linux and we are just crosscompiling windows 
binaries from linux. So, windows developers are very welcome.

> Most of the compilation walkthroughs are
> out of date or I run into roadblocks that I get stuck on...

Asking the list/irc for concrete roadblocks could help.

>   I'm trying to learn to use the MinGW compiler and get more
> familiar with Linux at the same time, and to be honest, I'm
> not getting far.  I'm obviously no guru, but I could be
> helpful to the project.  However, I'm getting very, very
> frustrated and I'm sure I'm not the only one to find initial
> project layout and compilation has been an impediment to
> their ability to contribute to the project.  

Again, don't hesitate to ask the lists/irc for any problem you find.

> But I have a solution...
>    Has anyone considered making a Linux virtual machine
> available with the compiler already source all set up and
> working on it?  This is EXACTLY what Maemo Linux does for
> their SDK and it's enabled hundreds of developers to
> participate when setting up the compiler, resolving
> countless dependencies and diagnosing 100 subtle versioning
> errors would have otherwise have prevented them from
> participating.  Hell, I'd love to download a VM, update the
> code using subversion and just type 'make' (like I did for
> Maemo development)...  What do you guys think of this
> idea...?
> Sincerely,
>    MindMusic (Frank Edgley)

Do you mean that you want the VM for the crosscompiling environment or for the 
native linux environment?

For the native linux environment a VM is pointless. Dependencies is just a 
matter of issue an apt-get install (or equivalent in your distro) for the list 
of packages we keep in the INSTALL file. Indeed most distros have available 
CLAM development binary packages you can just installl and build your plugin. 
So, once you have a linux box, you are mostly done and if you want a VM 
solution i guess there are pleanty of linux VM available.

For the crosscompiling environment, building a VM is the last of our problems.
Current procedure works with CLAM 1.4.0 but lately we have added some 
dependencies to clam (python-dev, boost...) and some old dependencies have 
been updated so the procedure in the wiki should be updated. I hope that 
Natanael and me could setup again a testfarm client for the crossmingw 
environment. The outputs of that process, sorted by how far we go, will be:
- an update of the wiki procedure to crosscompile
- an sdk tarball with all the free dependencies (not asio nor vst) already 
crosscompiled (which could be used to compile natively)
- an sdk including nitghtly clam binaries from svn
- an script to automatically build the sdk with all the last versions
- a testfarm client with the former script so we get warned when they change
- building a VM containing the sdk

Sadly, we currently lack time to get just the first point done. But I guess 
that the second and third points would solve most of your problems without a 
VM. You can help a lot by spotting the showstoppers you find by following the 
wiki procedure so we can target them.

David García Garzón
(Work) david dot garcia at upf anotherdot edu

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