[clam-devel] iPyCLAM

David García Garzón david.garcia at barcelonamedia.org
Tue Feb 15 15:12:50 PST 2011

We moved the development of ipyclam from Xavi Serra's private repository to 
CLAM's. We invite other developers to check it out and play with it.

import TestFixture
from Processing import Processing
p = processing("Processing1", TestFixture.proxy())
p.[tab] and start to explore

Until now Xavi focused on network introspection and he is about to start to do 
manipulation. Even though it still relies on dummy network definitions, it has 
quite a good shape. Auto completition for discovering seems a quite powerfull 
feature. On big traits, missing aspects are:
- top level network objects
- manipulation: adding/deleting processings, connecting and disconnecting
- implementing a network proxy that is based on CLAM (not dummy)
- adding a ipyclam console to the NetworkEditor

But all that seems quite straight forward and Xavi is working hard on it.


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