[clam-devel] Wiki up and running again

GARCIA GARZON, DAVID david.garcia at upf.edu
Wed Mar 9 18:54:22 PST 2016

The cleaned up and exported wiki is now here:

Now we need some procedure that will allow us to take it and publish back
on the web.
Forgeting about spammers and rootkits.

I am planning to convert the pages into markdown and then using something
like hyde or pandoc to generate the static pages.

Maybe we could use the same method for the rest of the website.

Any thoughts?

2016-03-06 11:04 GMT+01:00 GARCIA GARZON, DAVID <david.garcia at upf.edu>:

> Some php version upgrade left the clam wiki malfunctioning.
> I upgraded it, and cleaned some spam pages.
> Given that I am in the task i will try again to move the wiki into
> git+hyde. Currently fighting with the export.
> David.
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