[CLAM] Trying to compile on Windows using MSVC++6.0

xamat at iua.upf.es xamat at iua.upf.es
Thu Aug 8 08:07:22 PDT 2002

Hi there,

As Maarten already told you, we are all on vacation now and won't be
fully functional until September. The public release you are seeing was
thought out as only for compiling under Debian and RedHat. We have the
necessary modules for compiling CLAM under Windows but we are still thinking
on whether it should be a good policy to release them plublicly as we
want to endorse the use of Linux.

Nevertheless, you have a chapter in the manual that talks about compiling
under Windows. You need the following external libraries: fftw, xerces,
pthreads, fltk and soundFileIO. Only the last one is internal and Maarten
may also add it to the public release (I don't know if its already there).
As for the others I cannot tell you whether we will make the binaries
available until September. Sorry for that!

Xavier Amatriain

> Hi!
> The CLAM library looks very promising!
> In an attempt to get a preview of what is already in there, I tried to
> build some examples.
> But on my Windows2000 machine using MSVC++6.0, I get errors for all
> projects I tried...
> Is it possible to explain what other CVS modules I need to checkout in
> order to get things working? I tried what's on the web site, but that's
> for g++ on RedHat (and I also think there must be missing some fftw
> code?)... How should I go about doing this on Windows?
> Thanks in advance,
> Koen Tanghe
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