[CLAM] Release 0.4 news

Xavier Amatriain xavier.amatriain at iua.upf.es
Fri Nov 29 08:50:21 PST 2002

Hello all,

Please note that in the process of publishing this new release,
some of the binary versions of external libraries for Windows have
also been upgraded. Make sure that you have latest versions of
all needed libraries by updating them from our CVS server.

On the other hand, online documentation has also been updated
to include some of the latest changes (it includes, for example,
a chapter on how the given examples are supposed to work).

Enjoy it!

Xavier Amatriain
xavier.amatriain at iua.upf.es
tel.+34 93 5422199
MTG (Music Technology Group), Pompeu Fabra University
Psge. Circumvalació, 8, Barcelona

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