[CLAM] CLAM news

Xavier Amatriain xavier.amatriain at iua.upf.es
Tue Oct 8 08:28:42 PDT 2002

The CLAM team continues its work focusing on the first alpha release
next november. A few changes have taken place that are worth taking

1. The /src folder in the CLAM repository has been totally re-structured.
If you already checked out CLAM, we recommend you do it again and
start from scratch. Linux modules and Visual C++ projects have been changed

2. External third party libraries have been added to the CVS. If you
follow instructions in the /cvs link at CLAM's website you will be
able to download binaries (Debian Linux, RedHat Linux and Windows)
for all necessary libraries.

3. Some (but not all) documentation has been updated and reformatted.

Have Fun!

Xavier Amatriain
The CLAM-devel team

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