[CLAM] Installing on Windows

Koen Tanghe Koen.Tanghe at rug.ac.be
Fri Sep 6 01:20:10 PDT 2002

Hi !

Not really a bug, but more a "how to" question.
How do I currently install the CLAM library on a Win2K machine? I have
successfully checked out the CLAM module, so that works. But I have trouble
with the other modules: I read in the docs about how to install on Windows,
but I cannot check out any of the modules listed in the table that is in the
docs (xercesc-1.5.2-VC / xercesc, DXSDK-8.1-VC6 / dxsdk,
LIBPTHREADS-WIN32-2002-03-02 / pthreads, fftw-2.1.3-VC-double / fftw (*),
fftw-2.1.3-VC-float / fftw (*), flkt-1.0.11-VC / fltk, SoundFileIO /
If I try to check out SoundFileIO for example (using
:pserver:anonymous at mtg150.upf.es:/cvsroot and module SoundFileIO); I get the
"cvs server: cannot find module `SoundFileIO' - ignored
cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot expand modules
Error, CVS operation failed"
Must be doing something wrong here...
Do I need a password after all?

[Windows2000Pro, MSVC++, TortoiseCVS]

Best regards,

Koen Tanghe

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Ghent University
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9000 Gent
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Email:  Koen.Tanghe at rug.ac.be
Web:    http://www.ipem.rug.ac.be

I submitted this in the bugreporting system, but thought I'd better send it
to the list as well...

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