[CLAM] SDIF in SMSTools...

Francois Thibault francois.thibault at mail.mcgill.ca
Wed Dec 3 06:08:34 PST 2003


In version 0.5.5 and 0.5.4, there is a possible problem preventing the 
storage of analysis data in SDIF format (the file never gets created) 
if ASSERTS are chosen not to be considered. It happens in 
examples/SMS/SDIFSerializer.cxx, here is the diff between version 0.5.3 
and 0.5.5 (it worked under 0.5.3):

<       CLAM_DEBUG_ASSERT(mSDIFWriter.Configure( cfg ), "Error storing 
temporal SDIF for Morph" );
 >       mSDIFWriter.Configure( cfg );

Also while we are on the topic of SDIF, making the followin change in 
/src/Processing/SDIFOut.cxx will allow other software like IRCAM SDIF 
software utilities to use the produced SDIF file, otherwise it crashes 
as it gets an empty string for the matrix type by default. A similar 
change for "1TRC" is also required.

<               pMatrix=new 
 >               pMatrix=new SDIF::ConcreteMatrix<TFloat32>("1FQ0",1,1);

Hope this is helpful for some people...


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