[CLAM] SDIF issue...

Maarten de Boer mdeboer at iua.upf.es
Fri Dec 19 05:27:24 PST 2003

Hello Francois,

The problem you describe in your bugreport, is actually not a bug. If I
understand correctly, what you try to do is to synthesize the SDIF data
without loading/creating a configuration first. To synthesis, you need a
valid configuration.

Of course it would be nice if a single file - the SDIF file - would
contain all configuration data necesary to do the synthesis. This should
be possible, because SDIF can contain anything you want.

Another interesting approach would be, to have SMSTools come up with an
acceptable (not causing assertion failures) configuration based on the
data in the SDIF file.

Talking a bit more at the problem, one of the things that came up, was
the lack of the analysis window in the SDIF data. But looking at the
SDIF specs at http://cnmat.cnmat.berkeley.edu/SDIF/FrameTypes.html, I
read: "Each 1STF frame must also contain a 1WIN matrix specifying the
window function."

Too bad it does not mention the specifications of this 1WIN matrix...

Anyway, taking this into consideration, maybe Xavier Amatriain could
give his opinion about the above.


> The patch works fine, thanks. Still on the SDIF storage issue, I have 
> made a clearer bug report on Mantis of the crash that occurs 
> systematically when synthesizing form stored analysis data, either XML 
> or SDIF, that still occur under 0.5.5 (patch 1).

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