[CLAM] linking

Paul Brossier piem-lists at altern.org
Wed Oct 8 02:01:54 PDT 2003

Hi all.

I am trying to build clam on debian unstable. I managed to configure clam 
using only debian packages. Only xercesc 1.7.0 was missing (only libxercesc1 
and libxercesc2x are in the pool, so i packaged libxercesc17, apt-getable at 

checking XERCESCROOT environment variable defined?... no
checking for xercesc headers; looking relative to CLAM... no
checking for xercesc headers; looking in standard locations...... yes
checking for xercesc library...... yes

Programs compile fine, but i have linking errors : 

obj/TopLevelProcessing.o(.text+0x11e0): In function 
../../../../src/Standard/Array.hxx:569: multiple definition of 
first defined here
obj/TopLevelProcessing.o(.text+0x1220): In function 
`CLAM::Array<float>::CopyDataBlock(int, int, float const*)':
../../../../src/Standard/Array.hxx:570: multiple definition of 
`CLAM::Array<float>::CopyDataBlock(int, int, float const*)'
first defined here

Any ideas ?
Many thanks, Paul.

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